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Position Description

Works in Conjunction with:         United Way Board of Directors and the Organizational Capacity Committee

Accountability:                                  The Director of Administration and Finance

Classification:                                     Hourly, non-exempt employee


Primary Responsibilities

The Bookkeeper will administer and direct the operation of the financial system and bookkeeping for the organization.  Duties include accounts payable, payroll, preparations of financial statements and reconciliation of accounts as well as assistance in preparing of budgets and annual audit.  Additional duties will be performed as assigned.

Specific Areas of Accountability

High Performing Organization

The Bookkeeper will direct the operation of the financial system including but not limited to preparing of invoices for payment, generating all checks for signatures and reports for accounting purposes.  The Bookkeeper duties include financial tracking of payment and invoices of government and local grants, assist in preparation of organizational and administrative budgets, complete month end journal entries, and preparation of financial statements for United Way and all supported United Way programs.  The Bookkeeper will assist with audit preparation and support the administrative duties of the Director of Administration and finance.  The Bookkeeper must adhere to all standard accounting practices.

Special Areas of Skill

The Bookkeeper will have a minimum of five years of work experience with additional years of experience in financial management, preferably in a non-profit organization.  The Bookkeeper must have demonstrated high organizational skills and attention to detail.   The Bookkeeper must have computer skills, financial management kills and be aware of standard accounting practices.  Minimum two year degree in accounting, bachelor’s degree desired.

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