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In the Phase Two of the application process, applicants will list two or more of the program’s short term outcomes as submitted in the Phase One application.  Applicants will be asked to elaborate on the outcomes and include an evaluation plan for each.  Additional organizational governance and financial information will be required to attach.

If all Phase Two requirements are met, the submissions will be distributed to the Community Impact Committee for review.  The team will meet to evaluate and prioritize each submission based on the program’s organizational capacity to deliver outcomes, sustain operations, establish continuous improvement initiatives, remain accountable, produce measures and be transparent.

After review, the Community Impact Committee will submit their recommendations of program to receive funding to the UWBC staff.  After receiving UWBC Board of Directors approval, all applicants will be notified of their award status before formally announcing the 2018 award cycle recipients.


Complete all required fields in the Phase II PDF file electronically.
Print and obtain required signatures on the Cover Page before submitting to UWBC.


  • Cover Page
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Outcomes and Evaluation Plan
  • Program Budget
  • Organizational Governance and Financial Information

If all the Phase II submission requirements have been included, the submission will be distributed to the respective Allocations Panel for review and evaluation. Please be sure to complete all required fields, obtain both signatures needed and attach the requested documentation. Program representatives will not be contacted if information is missing.
Phase II program applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with UWBC vision and goals for the respective Impact Area
  • Production of significant impact in the lives of program participants
  • Organizational capacity to deliver outcomes
  • Organizational capacity to sustain program operations
  • Organizational capacity for continuous improvement initiatives
  • Organizational capacity to remain accountable, produce measures and be transparent

After initial review, the Allocations Panels reserve the right to seek out additional information and clarification from the applying program. A UWBC representative will contact the respective community partner if necessary.

The Allocations Panel will then forward their recommendations for award recipients to UWBC Board of Directors. All applicants will be notified via email of award status on or before June 30, 2018.

A formal letter will follow.

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